Meet gord. 

Gord can not be summed up in one paragraph, or even in a book. Gord is something you need to experience. 

Gord is the quality, consistency, and pride we take in curating our products. 

From day one we have striven to be the best, offer the best, and only accept the best from ourselves.

When all else fails, we always have Gord to guide us.

it's all about the roast.

Whatever you fancy, we have the roast for you.  Our light roast is a must try due to it's smooth taste while our dark roast has a bold signature flavour. Your order of coffee is roasted, packaged and shipped which means your coffee will arrive at your door step “Fresh” and ready to brew.

Our coffee and kombucha are organic, vegan friendly, gluten free and smokin' awesome.
We believe if it's not organic, it is not worth purchasing.

We believe in putting the only best ingredients in, to give you and your body the best coffee drinking experience possible.

I Luv Coffee Roasters - Papua New Guinea.jpg

papua new guinea

One of the newest coffees to hit the scene, grown in volcanic soil, this is a must try.  Dark, rich and chocolatey.

I luv coffee roasters - The Gord.jpg

The gord

We have curated this single origin espresso. The Gord has Dark Chocolate notes with a sweet lemon grass aftertaste. 

I Luv Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Limu.jpg

Ethiopian yirgacheffe

Dark ROAST with a sweet peach and caramel lemongrass clean finish.


Liquid gold

 We also offer a variety of kombucha flavours. You've gotta try this stuff. Not only is our Coffee stellar, we also have a unique recipe for Cold Brew.



This ancient elixir is not only choc full of antioxidants and it may helps restore your gut flora.  Naturally fermented and lightly sweetened, this beverage is a nice balance between TART and SWEET.  Think liquid candy


Cold brew

Our unique process combines quality and patience.  It takes a long time to produce this beverage that will change your life.  If you haven't had it yet, what are you waiting for?  


Gord’s Cold Brew is to be enjoyed all year round. Try these bad boys as a 6 pack for only $25.00